Teacher Professional Development

2019-2-7 Fenwick High School, Science Department, Oak Park, IL (10 participants)

2018-6-26/27 (Skype) University of Rwanda and EAIFR, Kigali, Rwanda (15 teachers from five countries)

2017-9-15 American Chemical Society Program Meeting, Roosevelt University, Schaumberg, IL (70 participants)

2017-8-22 ACS National Meeting - Talk/Demo, Washington DC

2016-6-13 Argonne-National Lab, 7th STEM Summit, Argonne IL (20 participants)

2016-3-15 ACS National Meeting - Talk, San Diego, CA

2015-7-3 Kennesaw State University-ChemEd, Kennesaw GA (10 participants)

2013-2015 Northwestern-OSEP, Climate Change and Sustainability Workshops, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (20 participants)

2015-9-29/30 Pratham, Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education,Mumbai (20 participants)


Middle and Highschool Students

2018-4-27 Northwestern University - Take Our Children to Work Day, Evanston IL (10 participants)

2018-4-17 Bessie Rhodes STEM Fest, Evanston IL (11 participants)

2018-3-24 American Assoc of Univ Women -TechSavvy, Triton College, River Grove IL (10 participants)

2017-3-25 American Assoc of Univ Women -TechSavvy, Triton College, River Grove IL (9 participants)

2016-8-27/28 Northwestern-CTD, Accelerated Weekend Experience (10 participants)

2016-6-25 Northwestern-CTD, Opportunities for the Future (10 participants)

2016-4-16 American Assoc of Univ Women -TechSavvy, Oakton IL (10 participants)

2015-10-27 SeedSchools, Hyderabad India (40 participants)



2019-2-11 (Skype) Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India (13 students)

2014-2016 Northwestern General Chemistry (500 students)

2015-9-2 King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran S.Arabia (14 students)

2018-10-20 Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar's Amalthea - Talk/Demo, Gandhinagar, India



2017-4-22 March for Science Chicago -Expo, Museum Campus, Chicago, IL

2016-11-17 Adler Planetarium -Adler After Dark, Museum Campus, Chicago, IL

2016-9-14 NU Postdoctoral Forum Annual Symposium - Talk, Chicago, IL

2016-3-19 Evanston Township Highschool -Connections to Community Conference, Evanston, IL

2016-1-12 DOE-EFRC Mid-Term Review - Poster, Gaithersburg MD

2015-7-13 Ecomyths - Workshops for a Charity Event, Evanston, IL