Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Kit (Enthusiast - 15 cells)

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Self-Contained kits make prepartion and stocking a breeze - all you need to bring are colorful fresh fruits and vegetables (e.g. blackberries) for dyes.

Easy to follow, step-by-step directions and benign materials make this a fun activity for audienes of all ages (9 - 99).

Fully functional solar cells inspire students to experiment and witness energy transformation in real time.

HANDS-ON LEARNING:Starting with household and benign materials, students assemble fully functional solar cells.

WONDERS OF SOLAR:Current STEM curricula teach renewable energy and the importance of solar, but few activities and experiments allow students to witness the “magic” of solar by fabricating their own solar cells.

PROTOTYPING:Designed to be easily assembled, our solar cells can be a great platform for students to experiment with different parameters and egineering architectures to maximize solar output


15 conductive glass cathodes
15 conductive glass anoades with predeposited TiO2
Electrolyte solution
#2 pencil
Mini pipettes
Wires with alligator clips