Battery Kit (Classroom - 8 batteries)

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Self-Contained kits make prepartion and stocking a breeze - all you need to bring are fresh fruits and vegetables to produce electricity.

Easy to follow, step-by-step directions and benign materials make this a fun activity for audienes of all ages (9 - 99).

Once assembled, the battery can power an LED for days!

ENERGY STORAGE:In order for renewable energy to reach prominence in our society, energy storage is a critical challenge. In this activity, students will be able to experience the world of batteries and electrochemistry by fabricating their own batteries.

PROTOTYPING: Designed to be easily assembled, our batteries can be a great platform for students to experiment with different parameters to maximize LED brightness, battery life, and output voltage.

HANDS-ON LEARNING:Starting with household and benign materials, students assemble fully functional food batteries that can last for days.


8 battery cards
48 G-electrodes
48 B-electrodes
All necessary wires and connectors
Red LEDs
Blue LEDs
Ideas for scientific inquiry